Signs that Irrigation Repair is Needed

The irrigation system in the yard of a home or business is the key to keeping it alive. This is like the heart of a grassy area and pumps water to the appropriate channels to filter throughout the yard. It is important to keep the irrigation Lakeland in top condition so there is not a failure in the complete system. If the system only fails at certain zones, it can be the wiring going to the valves or the hot wire going to that particular zone. Sometimes, the home or business owner can troubleshoot to see if irrigation repairs Lakeland are needed and if the issue is something that can be fixed through DIY or if a contractor should be called. There are some common signs that irrigation repair is needed.

Valves not Responding

Irrigation valves are the valves that turn on and off the actual sprinkler. An unresponsive valve is not easy to detect but is a sure sign that the system needs some maintenance. If there is an entire area of the lawn that is not wet after the system has been running, this is a sign that the valve may be clogged. If the lawn is flooded in a particular area, the valve may be stuck in the open position and also fail. This could also be an electrical problem between the timer panel and the valve itself.

Sprinkler Heads Leaking

After a system is turned off or stopped running, the heads should be checked for leaks. A leak can be caused by a broken or cracked head. If an irrigation system is not properly marked, a landscaper can miss this while maintaining the yard and can damage the head of the sprinkler. With commercial landscaping Lakeland, each head is typically marked prior to maintenance. Another important thing to avoid having to repair a sprinkler head is to winterize the system against freezes so that the lines do not burst. If there is a broken head on the sprinkler and it is not noticed, this is a waste of money and water.

Dead Grass

If there are patches of brown grass, this is a sign that the yard is not being watered properly and the irrigation is not functioning as it should. Leaks, malfunctioning heads, and even low water pressure can cause the problem with the system. Low water pressure can be caused by large trees and plant roots. The roots wrap around the piping causing the pressure to be cut off or low.

With any landscaping Lakeland or irrigation systems, it is important to have a contractor that is familiar with the particular system that is installed. This can help prevent any delays in repair. They can also recommend seasonal maintenance that will prevent system failure.


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